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"Roland creates simple but sophisticated interiors. He believes in good designs as a sound investment and he will not compromise on quality. At the same time he emphasises that good design does not always need to be expensive. The work he did for me resulted in rooms that combine beauty and function that continuiously elicit compliments" Margaret Butler, Chelsea London

"Keiron and I were discussing how much we love the look of the flat. It is truly, perfectly, exactly what we wanted and even better" Elina Kovaleva, London - Moscow

"It has been a couple of years since you designed the flat, and every time I get home I can't help thinking how wonderful it looks. It is a delight to live somewhere so beautiful. Thank you Roland" Elina Kovaleva, London - Moscow

"Roland works with an elegant eye and a magic touch. He has a wonderful sensibility, not only for the space he creates but for his clients too" BG, Kensington London

"In doing my apartment on the Cote D'Azur, Monsieur Klein has managed to keep all the charm of the South. I am delighted" Marie Claire Dumas, Sainte Maxime

"I used to like my house. Now I love it" Judy Hill, Hampstead London